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EDuke allows greater flexibility and control for the large community of  users making Total Conversions (TCs). If you want to make a TC, or want to run a TC that used EDuke, then please download it.

EDuke for modern platforms can be found here.

EDuke 2.1 has been released as-is under GPL  You can download it here.

EDuke 2.0 has been released.  You can download it here.  If you don't know what EDuke is, read this.

I've redesigned the HTML code to make it easier for me to add updates and links.  You shouldn't notice many (visible) differences; and that's the point.


Important sources of information

Features Database Please read this first if you are asking about a feature, or have an idea for a feature.
E Duke Forum Go here for questions
EDuke for modern platforms EDuke32 is a friendly fork of JFDuke3D, merging it with EDuke(Enhanced Duke Nukem 3D) to provide a multitude of features for mod authors not found in the original game.
RTCM EDuke Source Code Development Center Where the ongoing development of EDuke is happening
EDuke Con Guide A good introduction the the new (complex) commands introduced in EDuke
EDuke FAQ Duke RTCM Faq on EDuke